falsify fal‧si‧fy [ˈfɔːlsfaɪ ǁ ˈfɒːl-] verb falsified PTandPP [transitive] LAW ACCOUNTING
to change figures, records etc so that they contain false information:

• The financial director was charged with falsifying the company's accounts.

— falsification noun [countable, uncountable] :

• the falsification of expense accounts

a lawsuit alleging weight falsification (= when scales in a shop have been changed, cheating customers )

* * *

falsify UK US /ˈfɔːlsɪfaɪ/ verb [T]
to change documents, figures, records, etc. in order to deceive someone: »

She was charged with falsifying bank records.


The certificate had clearly been falsified.

falsification /ˌfɒlsɪfɪˈkeɪʃən/ US  /ˌfɑːl-/ noun [U]
the act of changing documents, figures, records, etc. in order to deceive someone: »

Five people were fired for inappropriate behavior and falsification of records.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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